You can finally stop searching! The answers to your life purpose, divine gifts, and who you are as a Spiritual being is all contained in the Akashic Records. 

Imagine how much easier it would be to create an abundant, fulfilling life if you already knew what your Soul was innately gifted to do.

I work with people who are ready to discover their divine gifts and natural talents so they can step into their fullest potential and create the life they want.

A Soul Realignment Session Will Help You:

  • Understand your divine gifts so you can easily manifest more abundance, fulfillment, and success in your life

  • Explain how to best use your gifts so you can live your purpose

  • Transform your relationships by understanding who you and your loved ones are at Soul-level

  • Make sense of the recurring patterns that are keeping you stuck, why they are happening over and over again, and how to resolve them

  • Shift your energy to a higher vibration so you can easily take new actions towards your goals

  • Understand your Soul-level character traits so you can improve your relationships and health

  • Learn what careers align best with your divine gifts and who you are at Soul-level

“My favorite part of our session was learning and be able to discuss the information that I was getting. Through each new topic we were able to get some depth and understanding of the ways in which my life has been affected and transformed through the different lifetimes. I found it very fascinating how these lifetimes have made me and the principles I live by today.


It was very beneficial to understand patterns of behavior that I need to stay away from since they are not beneficial to me in any way. Once I am able to see and understand something I am able to work towards making positive changes to not fall into those patterns of behavior anymore.

I would recommend this type of readings to others because of the depth that you get to understand who you are and why. I have had tarot card readings, psychic readings and readings with my guides, all were amazing but nothing will provide the depth and understanding that I received with Carrie. She is very easy to talk to and makes sure each step of the way to ask if you feel this applies or it is off in some way. I found that her taking the time to do this allowed me to reflect and really think if and when I was affected is some way shape of form in my current lifetime. She also provides guidance and suggestions for solutions to items that have or are currently affecting you. I took lots of notes to make sure that I apply the information that I received in her amazing reading.” ~ Debby Ramos


A Soul Realignment session will help you return to who you are at Soul level so you can experience better health, improved relationships, abundance and success.

What Are The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an energetic database that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey since it first originated. The records contain every thought, feeling, and choice ever made throughout various lifetimes.

When we access the records we gain awareness of who we really are and how to make choices that align with our highest good and potential. The Akashic Records gives us the information we need to know ourselves at a deep level so we can grow and move toward more meaningful and joyful lives.

Soul Realignment® sessions are for people who want to experience true transformation. This is not just a reading.  The information obtained from the records is combined with coaching so you can create real, lasting results.

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How This Works:

When you book your session you will be asked to provide your full current name, name at birth, date of birth and place of birth so I can locate your Soul in the Akashic Records.

  • I will access the Akashic Records on my own time and obtain information regarding your divine gifts, soul group of origination, soul profile, number of spirit guides, and any blocks and restrictions (past and present life) that are preventing you from fully accessing your gifts.

  • The information obtained from the Akashic Records plus coaching will be provided during a 75-minute 1-on-1 session. 

  • I will perform a clearing in your Akashic Records and you will be provided a personalized, energetic clearing affirmation to be repeated for 21 days. This clearing homework will increase your vital force energy so you can easily make new choices and transform your life.

  • A lot of information comes through during a session and you will receive an audio recording for you to refer back to.

“My akashic records reading with Carrie was wonderful! She provided me with so much clarity and guidance. Everything she said was so on point. Some of the findings even tied in with readings I've done in the past with other practitioners. Which, for me, further reinforced her expertise in this field.

She is professional, courteous and empathic. She truly understands the sensitivity of the information she is sharing with you and approaches the conversation with tenderness and grace. She is everything! You will be in awe of her knowledge. I highly recommend her services. “
~ Kesia Ramos



“This is a very intimate and vulnerable experience, yet I felt that those feelings were necessary to explore deeply. I enjoyed hearing about my interdimensional travel and past life experiences. I also loved learning about my intentional purpose here on this planet.

I think that anyone looking to understand more about their soul would benefit from getting a reading.”
~ Olivia Lomanoco